What’s Your Goals For 2016?

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2016Today is page one of your blank 365 page book, how are you going to write your new book for the year 2016?

Today is the day the majority of the world creates false New Year’s resolutions. They mean well for themselves but unfortunately never fulfil their aspirations for the year.

Most of the world will be joining gyms, planning on eating healthy, drinking less or no alcohol, exercising more and wishing to become more prosperous.

Although the beginning of the year is usually a great place to start fresh and have the blank book to write your new story, many fall at the first hurdle.

Us as human beings are a habitual breed and tests have shown that if you stick to a certain habit for at least 21 days, then that habit becomes an unbreakable ritual where you have embedded that habit into your brain which becomes your everyday living.

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Unfortunately people that make New Year’s resolutions break them within 15 days.

I heard this from a Tony Robins video I watched in 2015 that I’ve posted below.

You see how close people get to creating a new habit for themselves, they get just 6 days short of potentially changing their lives forever.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and need to get out of our own way and change the way we think and behave.

A great thing to do would be to write down your New Year’s resolution, envision your end result for what it is you want to change for your New Year or even record it. Whichever you prefer and read it or listen to it many times though out your day. This would surely encourage and embed these new habits into your life.

It is better to be pulled towards your end result than to be pushed because when you have to push yourself towards your goals it increasingly becomes more difficult.

If you have clarity in what it is you really want to achieve and the passion inside you to pull yourself towards your goals it all becomes simpler.

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You are worth it, you deserve it and it will be yours.

Do your New Year’s resolution with 100% conviction and there will be nothing to stop you. This is your year, your fresh start and your book you are writing. Make it the best yet.


Have a healthy, safe and prosperous 2016.

Paul Evans

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