Why Blogs Are Good And Why You Need One For Your Business

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why blogs are goodHey the Ronin Warrior, in today’s blog post I am going to run through “why blogs are good” and why you need one for your business. It doesn’t matter what business you are in the product or service you are promoting you need a blog.

A blog is a shortened name for a web log. You are basically able to add infinite content to your blog. The more content you add the better your blog will do.

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Why Blogs Are Good

Unlike having a static website, you know the ones where you have your company details on one page a contact page, gallery and other pages then just point traffic to this website well with a blog you can add content to the post page and continually target your specific niche/audience with unlimited keywords.


The reason why blogs are good is simply because you can add your thoughts, target keywords, laser target your potential customers, and write about company or product reviews. The list goes on…

Your blog is your space where you control what goes on it and when. Let’s take an example here, let’s look at a keyword or phrase that you search in Google. What more than likely will come up on the first page is someone’s blog. This is because the blog owner has written content around the subject you are searching for.

They have optimized their blog post around a certain keyword and they have ranked that particular post onto the first page of Google. Imagine if they have written 100 posts, 200 posts or even 1000 posts over the years and they have ranked their blog posts onto page one of Google. Imagine how much traffic they would be generating and how much money they would be earning through what they are selling or promoting.

So why are blogs good?

I think it’s blatantly obvious that blogging is the number one marketing tool that a business owner needs. Take a look at all of the top internet earners online, whether it’s an affiliate marketer, multi level marketer, network marketer or high ticket sales person, every single one of them owns their own blog.

This is what you should be doing… running your own blog, making yourself look a leader, a professional. If you don’t own a blog yet get one. If you do own a blog then start using it to its fullest potential.

Start using it to get your customers to know, like and trust you. Start adding content, sharing your content with a targeted audience and build a relationship with that targeted audience. By adding value and building a relationship you will start to get followers and buyers.

I have ran through some of the key points “why are blogs good”. If you would like to learn more about blogging, driving traffic, generating sales and other marketing strategies then I would love to help you out.

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I have been blogging for nearly 4 years now and using proven online marketing strategies to build my empire. I have learned a lot over this time and I would like to add value to your business by offering you some of the strategies that have been working for me.

You can subscribe to my training here to learn exactly what I do day to day in building my online empire. I hold nothing back and explain all of my tips and tricks here.

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Comment below to let me know what you think about why blogs are good or bad!!!

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Brian butler says:

I think what you are saying here makes such great sense and I don’t know why I never thought of it that way. I am very new to the online world, but it seems obvious now that if you add posts to a blog about your target market interests, which obviously are going to contain keywords about that topic, then this will defo help to get you noticed.
Nice blog by the way – nice and easy to read with simple graphics/font.

Shane says:

Hi Paul,

Great post! I used to think a blog was not needed, that is until the Quick Start Challenge 2014. Now I own my own blog and am going to build my business around it. Thanks for the great information!


Paul Evans says:

Hey Shane, Blogging is a long term strategy and will take time to build it up and to build relationships but they are well worth utilizing in your business for sure. All top online earners own their own blog. Very powerful