3 Reasons Why People Don’t Change For Success

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Why People Don’t Change

This post is mostly business/life success related.

What are the reasons why you are here?

I mean why are you here trying to create a business online? Do you want to travel more, spend more time with your family, have more money, have more toys to show off to your friends with or do you just want your family to be proud of you.

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Why People Don’t Change Video Message

Whatever the reason, why aren’t you achieving the results you so badly want in your life? I am going to run through the 3 main reasons why people don’t change for success. Unfortunately us humans get stuck in a habitual way of thinking and become prisoners of our habits and thought patterns.

Once we get to a comfortable place in our lives we like to stay there, even though it is not a good place to be. You could be stuck in a dead end job that doesn’t pay well but because you are used to living off that low wage and struggling through life, it becomes your reality and you have adapted to it that much that you are comfortable living that way.

Don’t get comfortable struggling, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Start stepping out of your comfort zone and change your behaviour because when you alter your behaviour you alter your results and when you alter your results, you alter your life and this is what you want right?

Why People Don’t Change…

Why people don’t change reason 1: Your goal is not clearly defined, instead of saying I want to earn 6 figures in the next year you have to be more precise. Be exact with your goal and the amount you want to earn. Don’t be vague as 6 figures could be $200,000 – $300,000. This is not a goal.

You have to define what you need to earn per day to get to your yearly goal. For instance if you are working your business online and you want to earn $120,000 per year, then this is $10,000 per month and around $322 per day. You then need to work out how many product sales you need, how many leads you need to make them sales and how much traffic that requires.

Why people don’t change reason 2: Steps, Knowing what steps you are going to take to get the results that determine your success. Most people already know the steps they need to take to succeed but they don’t implement what needs to be done. If you have leaders in your organisation that are laying out the steps you need to take to succeed then why aren’t you implementing them?

Why people don’t change reason #3: Taking action. People are afraid to take massive action because it is so out of their comfort zone. People are used to going to work all day to get home at night to sit and chill in front of the TV. Well if you carry on doing what you have always done, you are going to get what you have always got.

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Change

I have explained the 3 main reasons why people don’t change. If you really want massive success in your business and life, then you have to start taking massive action, there is no other way around it. You have to commit to your why, is your why strong enough for you to carry on through with your dreams and goals.

My summary for the reasons why people don’t change and what you need to do too change is to be clear with your goals, write them down and read then daily. Embed your goals into your mind and work on them every day.

Work on your steps daily and implement what you need to do on a daily basis to start getting the results that will help you reach your goal.

Finally take massive, daily, consistent action. Consistent action taking is key to your success, now go and make it happen.

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