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indexI thought I would do a kind of WP Profit Builder review in this post. I don’t usually do reviews on products but I actually just purchased WP Profit Builder last week and have been using it quite a lot.

Well a couple of times per day to tell the truth.

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I will go into what I have been using it for in a moment but first I will go into what “WP Profit Builder” is because you may not have heard of it yet.

WP Profit Builder Demo Video

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What Is WP Profit Builder

Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin which creates high converting capture pages, sales pages and even membership sites. It’s pretty much similar to Optimize Press but way easier to use and much cheaper in price, which is always a bonus.

The reason I purchased WP Profit Builder was mostly because I wanted to create my own professional looking capture pages that convert high.

I looked into LeadPages but wasn’t happy paying a monthly subscription on top of all of the other monthly subscriptions I have. As WP Profit Builder is a onetime payment I purchased instantly.

Well it is a no brainer…

WP Profit Builder Equals Simplicity

The thing I like about WP Profit Builder is it’s a simple to use drag and drop interface. I think I only watched one video tutorial to see how it worked and I was off. This is another thing I like about the plugin is the simplicity.

With other softwares like this I am forever going back and forward to the tutorials to work out the complicated ins and outs, but not with WP Profit Builder.

If you are marketing online then you should be building a list online. If you are using company replicated websites and capture pages then you need to stop and stand out from the crowd.

You will generate more leads and sales using your own capture pages. Imagine being involved in a company with thousands of other affiliates in that are all using the same company squeeze page.

You are not going to stand out.

I have shown you in the video what I use WP Profit Builder for and how professional looking the pages are. I know it has so much more potential but at the moment I am only using it for building targeted lead capture pages and landing pages.

You can use it for membership sites and much more. I see it as a very powerful and simple to use theme and plugin and I highly recommend it.

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If you see the power in this plugin and what it could do for your business and you decide to purchase through my link then I will give you access to my Facebook PPC Penny click training and also my YouTube training where I teach you how to optimize and rank your videos instantly.

WP Profit Builder Bonus




In the Facebook PPC training I will show you how to get highly targeted penny clicks to your own capture page so you can start building your own profitable list and grow your business fast, I will also throw in my YouTube ranking training. 🙂


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Keep being awesome

Paul Evans




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Aidan says:

Great video Paul.

The membership portal sounds useful, I will look into that!

I have been using Instabuilder and Leadpages for a while though I will take a closer look at this.



Paul Evans says:

Thats cool Aidan,

Yeh I have used LeadPages before but hate committing to monthly subscription.

At least WP Profit Builder is just a one time payment 🙂