10 Ninja Tips To Instant Page One YouTube Ranking

Though out this post I am going to be running through the Ninja tips I use to get instant page one YouTube ranking which generates me instant traffic and leads into your business. I also show you proof of me generating leads within 20 minutes of uploading a fully optimized video.

These Ninja tips are powerful and they work.

Here goes…

Ninja Tip 1: Before uploading your video rename your video file your main keyword. You do this by right clicking your mouse over the video and going down to rename. You can also further optimize your video by right clicking your mouse and going down to properties, switch from general to details and keyword rich your description options.

Ninja Tip 2: When uploading your video file you can start optimizing your YouTube video title. What I have found works best for me is by placing your main keyword at the very start of your title. I have also found putting the main keyword into inverted commas works a treat and also try to get your main keyword in the title twice. Make sure it reads well though

E.G. for YouTube Title – “Main Keyword”|Top Tips On How To “Main Keyword”

YouTube Page One Instantly & A Lead Within 20 Minutes

Ninja Tip 3: Place your main keyword at the start of your description before anything else. Even before your link. Again place your main keyword into inverted commas this will help your video description stand out. I personally do this on every video and it works.

Ninja Tip 4: Place your link directly after your keyword. Your link should always be on the first or second line of the description. This is so the link is in view when you direct the watcher what to do next.

You should always give a call to action at the end of every video you make. People need to be told what to do so always finish your video with something like “To get more information please click the link below this video”.

Ninja Tip 5: I always like to tell the YouTube viewer to subscribe to this channel to get more info on “Main Keyword”. I then place the keyword into inverted commas again to further have the keyword stand out and you are also giving the viewer a direction to subscribe. This is very powerful for further promoting to subscribers.

Video Overview Of The Ranking Process

Ninja Tip 6: Go to Google and enter your main keyword into the search. Go to the bottom of the first page and you will see searches related to your keyword. Google is basically telling you the top search results related to your main keyword this is very powerful to copy these terms and placing them at the bottom of your description. Again I put the main keyword into inverted commas.

Ninja Tip 7: Underneath the related search terms I always enter the main keyword in commas and then the word video after it. I then take the URL to the uploaded video and paste it after this keyword. This gives my video a powerful PR 3 backlink from YouTube itself back to my video.

Ninja Tip 8: When filling in the tags always start with your main keyword first, then take each of the related search terms from the description which you got from Google and use these in your tags. You can always add more if you think of any. I also find putting your name in the tags also will help when you are recognized and people search for your name. You will start showing up in the YouTube search for lots of different videos.

Ninja Tip 9: Now with the published video you can ping the video on several sites, you can also post the video to your social media platforms you have accounts for. This will help get your video picked up by Google and YouTube immediately. I have found the way I optimize my videos I no longer have to ping or share as YouTube tends to pick up the video instantly and indexes it.

Ninja Tip 10: Obviously depending on the competition of the keyword will depend on how easy it ranks. If it is a keyword with very high competition you will need to send backlinks to your video. You can do this very cheaply on Fiverr.com or there are plenty of backlinking software’s you can use.

If you would like to learn more about ranking your YouTube videos I have put together a FREE YouTube ranking training here.

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