Heart Attack Mondays | Don’t Become A Statistic

heart attack mondays

Scary thought isn’t it?

Statistics show that 85% of Americans and I’m taking it this statistic counts for other countries around the world are unhappy with their jobs and hate going to work.

The monotonous routine of daily life keeps people in a zombie like state. Droning through life doing what they are programmed from an early age to do.

Go to school, get good grades, go to college, then on to university to land their dream job only to be shot down to the reality of low paying jobs and a life full of debt.

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Waking to an alarm clock at 6.30 am every morning to go to a job you hate, working with people you have nothing in common with for 40 plus hours per week for the rest of your life.

Is this your dream lifestyle?

Heart Attack Mondays Video


Heart Attack Mondays

The anxiety hits people that hard on a Sunday night fearing the thought of going to that job on a Monday morning, no wonder the statistics show that people are more susceptible to have their first heart attack between the hours of 8 am to 9am on a Monday morning.

This is a sad but true statistic.

Why would anybody want to live their life this way?

They think this is normal, but who are THEY.

The government and societies brain washers programming your mind to become a government robot.


Time is precious, life is short.

Life is to be lived to its fullest, enjoyed and cherished.

Waking in the morning should be natural, with the sun beaming through your window to the sound of birds cheeping in the trees, not to an alarm clock screaming down your ear telling you to get up to go to that job you hate.

Heart Attack Mondays

Heart attack Mondays are for people with no dreams, no ambitions and no life goals.

That aint you and that aint me.

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We humans are goal driven and everyone has dreams, ambitions and goals. Don’t let any one person take them away from you. You are unique, you are special and you have greatness within you.

You can do anything you put your mind to. ANYTHING!

Don’t add yourself to that statistic of heart attack Mondays.

Click here to start living your life and be free forever

Do not let your past equal your future and start living today.

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