How To Generate Leads From A Blog

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In today’s blog post I want to dive into how to get more leads from your blog. It’s all good and well getting the traffic to your blog but you need to turn that traffic into leads and sales.

If you are struggling to get targeted traffic to your blog then I have some cool training you can access for free here.

On my blog which you are on now reading this post I have several ways to generate leads.

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How To Generate Leads From A Blog Video

See the image below where I have two options at the top of my blog post where I can generate leads from.

The first is in the actual blog post with a clickable image and the second is at the top of my blog in the widget area on the right hand side. The image is giving people the option to learn how to increase traffic to their blog.

This is giving away free training and the second option in the widget area is also giving away free value. The sis maximizing the chances of turning the traffic into leads.


In this image below I have a screen shot of the middle of my blog where you see I have a whopping great banner in the widget area to the right hand side. When people click on this it goes to my lead capture page which allows me to generate targeted leads, again I am giving something away for free.


This image below is at the end of my blog post. You will see I have hyperlinked some words. This is where I enter my call to actions. A call to action is directing your readers what to do next.

Your call to action is very important because if you are creating  content for a certain niche then this is highly targeted traffic you  will be generating. Your call to action is where you tell them what to  do next for instance click here to get free marketing training.

Like what I did there. lol

The image below is at the bottom of my blog and you will see I have two places where I am able to generate leads from. The first is the big amage asking them to click the image to get free training, the second is in a hyperlink asking them to click here if they want some free training.


I also use a light box. A light box is an optin form that shows up and dominates the whole of my blog. You may have already had this happen to you. This is another way I generate leads from my blog. I use a free wordpress plugin called SumoMe. If you own a wordpress blog then you can get one for free at


This is how to get more leads from a blog by giving them several chances to optin to get either more infomation, free training, free ebook, free DVD, free video presentation etc….

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You see you have to give away free stuff for people to want to optin to your list to access that free value you are giving away. Lead with value and always give away more than you are willing to receive. Thi sis how you build a following and a list of targeted potential customers.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on how to get more leads from a blog. If you would like to get some free marketing training from myself where I show you the exact strategies I use to work full time from home on the internet then click here.


That was my call to action.

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