How To SEO Your Blog|10 Steps On “How To SEO Your Blog”

Throughout this article I am going to explain to you the best practice on how to SEO your blog. I will be running through step by step from start to finish on “how to SEO your blog” helping you rank higher in the search engines and get Google to love your content.

How To SEO Your Blog For Best Results


Step 1: Enter your main keyword in the title this will optimize your content so Google will straight away know what your blog post is about. I have found it easier to rank for long tail keywords such as the keywords I am targeting in this post “How to SEO your blog”.

Step 2: Write a blog post no less than 500 words this way you are feeding Google with relevant, optimal content. Google loves full, relevant content and I have found 500+ words more than sufficient to help rank your blog post.

Step 3: Strategically place your keywords at least 5 to 6 times though out your post. I would say every 100 words or so. You want your post to read correctly to the reader and also to Google. Do not stuff your content full of keywords although you do want to keyword rich your post.

You also need to add relevant keywords as this will further optimize your post for some Google love.

Simple Steps On How To SEO Your Blog

Step 4: Placing header tags throughout your post is also a great way to further optimize your blog post. Using H1, H2 and H3 tags are a very important part to your SEO friendly post

Step 5: Italicize, bald, underline and quotation your main keyword. You will notice I have done this throughout this post you are reading now. By doing these 4 techniques you will be standing your main keywords out to Google and other search engines thus furthering how to SEO your blog.

Step 6: place a relevant image into your post and ALT tag your image. As Google cannot see what your image is, it is our job to tell them what the image is and this is by the ALT tag or Alternative tag.

Step 7: You do not have to do this step but I like to add a relevant video to the post. The reason I do this is to break up my post and it also keeps people on my blog longer. This helps you rank your content if people are staying on your site for a long period of time. It also allows people to get to know me, this is very important as people join people they know, like and trust.

Also as Youtube is owned by Google it is also a good thing because you are connecting the 2 platforms together and you also have 2 lots of content out there on the internet both written and video meaning 2 more pieces of content generating free traffic, leads and customers.

How To SEO Your Blog For Google Love

Step 8: Link your post to another internal page on your blog. This could be to another relevant post or to another page. Don’t always point your posts to the same page. The reason we do this is so Google spiders crawl all of your blog this further juicing your blog. When your blog starts to gain more content and more authority all of your blog will be interlinked and Google loves this.

Step 9: Learning how to SEO your blog is a great start to your online venture and you really need to be generating traffic leads and customers. The only way to do this is by telling the reader what to do at the end of your blog post. Finish off your post with a call to action. For example click here to learn online marketing strategies to generate free traffic, leads and sign ups into your business.

Step 10: Knowing “how to SEO your blog” is an important part of your marketing. You have to do your keyword research first. You need to know what your blog post is going be about before you start typing. You have to know what the competition is and are the keyword worth going after and how many searches the keyword gets. You will also start showing up in the search engines for related keywords

This concludes the how to SEO your blog article. I hope you have learned a lot from this post and it has helped you more understand what the on page optimizing process of your post is.

To get more tips and tricks on blogging and online marketing please click here and I will give you more success tips.

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