MLM Recruiting Online|Building Trust, Rapport And Relationships

People are very cautious when you try to recruit them online and it makes it increasingly difficult for the new, inexperienced marketer to start recruiting to get their business off the ground.

Throughout this MLM recruiting online post I’m going to give you some great tips to get you off to the best start in your new adventure and tell you how I first started recruiting online back in 2012.

Honest MLM Recruiting Online

I’ve found the best way to start MLM recruiting online is to firstly always be yourself, never try to be anyone bigger than what you are and always be transparent. People have massive bullshit detectors in this industry and they will see straight through you if you are telling porkies.

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As long as you are learning about this industry and from people that are doing what you want to do then you will always have topics to create your own content about. When you put your content out to the world you are adding value to this market place and when people come across your content they will see you as a go to person and of authority.

If you know just a little more than the person that comes across you then they will see you as a leader so always be learning and adding value back out to the market place.

Share with people your story and why you have joined the network marketing industry as there will be plenty of people out there that will relate to your story.

MLM Recruiting Online Video


People will follow your journey both the highs and the lows, as long as you are always transparent then people will warm to you.

Always show your wins no matter how little. Let’s say you get your first visitor to your site, this is a win. Share that win. If someone likes your Facebook post or comments this is a little win, people are starting to take notice of you.

If you get your first lead online this is a big win as thousands of people out there have never got even one lead online, share how you done this and you will be adding value back out in to the market place.

Share results that leaders are getting in your primary opportunity and even when people on the same team get results then share these also. This is just to validate what you are working with is valuable and works.

When I first started “MLM recruiting online” I would learn from leaders and read up on tips, strategies and methods people would be using to get results. I would rewrite that content and put it into my own words and put my own spin on it.

When I would listen to an audio I would create videos and blog content about what I have just learned and put it back out into the market place with my personality and spin on it.

Magical MLM Recruiting Online

Magically people would start joining me and when people joined me I would post this on social media and send these wins out to my list I was building. Even if I had 5 people on my list I would continuously share my results with them showing them I am someone to trust and join.

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Quickly my results would grow, my team would grow and my income grew also. So if you want to start MLM recruiting online and you’re a newbie then I would highly recommend you start doing as outlined above.

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