My 2015 6 Figure Game Plan|How To Become Financially Free In 2015

Are you entering 2015 with the same mindset as what you left 2014? Or do you have a bigger vision, a bigger why a bigger reason why this new year is your year?

I am calling myself out in 2015, I am going to be a 6 figure earner by the end of 2015. The big question is are you with me or are you still making excuses.

All of my excuses have run out. I have no more excuses…

How To Become Financially Free In 2015 video


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Do you know what the great thing is?

We are in an industry where we are able to write our own pay check and there isn’t another industry out there that allows normal people like you and I to achieve financial abundance. We are in the best industry in the world and we need to help others realise what they are missing out on.

We are here to change lives and to empower the world and spread the message of hope. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from your dreams or vision. I certainly won’t.

Daily activity for success and abundance

  1. Blog daily
  2. Make a video daily
  3. Market daily
  4. Read daily (30 minutes) self development/inspirational books
  5. Listen to audio 1 hour in down time/gym/car etc…
  6. Visualise daily
  7. Read out daily affirmations
  8. Meditate daily (20 minutes)
  9. Exercise daily

I am going to make the above daily actions my daily rituals. By sticking to this daily will allow me to tap into my inner power and become the success I am thriving towards.

If you have had enough of making excuses and know what you are here to do also then join me and let’s hold each other accountable.

If 6 figures seem too far out of your reach then you need to start believing in yourself because I believe in you.

Start working on yourself from the inside and great things will happen to you on the outside. Whatever you believe you will achieve.

The laws of the universe will work with you as long as you work with yourself.

Stay focused, stay consistent, stay committed and see how much you will love yourself this time next year.

Love the process…

Make 2015 yours and take control of your life once and for all.

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I dare you to go out of your comfort zone and become unstoppable.

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