My 4 Year Struggle To 6 Month Success

Back in 2008 I remember coming across my first ever Multi Level Marketing opportunity. The excitement rushing through my body after watching the company online presentation had me hooked at first glance.

All I had to do was get five people to join me in my new business and teach them people to each get their five and so on…

The trouble with this business plan was that I couldn’t even sponsor one person into my business. My upline who lived in New Zealand was telling me to make a list of all of my friends and family…

Which I did

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He was telling me to prospect to strangers in the street, which I didn’t have the nerve to do so I was placing business cards that I made up on Vista Print on car windscreens around my town centre.

The results I had was pretty much abysmal, my friends and family were telling me this is a pyramid scheme which at that time I didn’t even know what a pyramid scheme was. I was a total newbie to this whole industry.

I basically struggled to make any kind of sales from 2008 up until 2012.


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In 2012 I stumbled across a mentor and a system that taught me a better way. This better way was to bring my business to the internet by using a blog and implementing other online marketing strategies that I learned in the marketing system.

The system taught me to start branding myself online and not market my business on the front end and within a few short weeks of implementing what my mentor was teaching in the system I started signing people up on a regular basis.


I signed up 6 new people into my business within 4 weeks.

Above is a screen shot of my back office back from when I started marketing this system. Down the first left hand column you will see the people’s names that I signed up.

Down the next column you will see the dates I signed them up. Now you have to bear in mind I never signed anyone up into anything previous to me learning what I know now.

You will see down the right hand column you will see my username for this system (pre) this is the initials to my full name Paul Robson Evans.

I actually signed up more people than you can see in the image but they were pass ups to my sponsor.

This system was launched in October 2011. I joined in the March 2012 and they had their very first event over in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States in June 2012. As I was starting to finally see results and success for the first time ever with this system and what they were teaching me, I knew I had to fly over to that event.


I live in the UK and was venturing over to the United States for the first time ever which has always been a dream of mine, so you can imagine the excitement and anticipation I was feeling to fly over there on my own.

This was all down to this system and the mentoring I was receiving. Since the time of joining this system I have built a team of hundreds of people from all over the world. People have joined me from all different ages and coming from totally different back grounds.

This is the power of this system.

You may be thinking OK Paul, you keep mentioning system but why is it so special?

What this system has done for me.

You see in the images I signed up 6 people within my first 4 weeks and I still sign people up on a regular basis.


The system has allowed me to have commissions come in ranging from $25 all the way up to $1000. I’ve even earned $1625 in a single day.


What would these commissions do for you and your family?

It would have took me a whole month working as a Fork Lift Truck Driver to earn this sort of money and this system is allowing me to earn this in one single day.

I also made it in the top 200 affiliates out of over 80,000+ affiliates from all over the world which granted me a VIP pass and a meet and greet with the founders of the system and all of the other leaders from all over the globe.


This system has changed my life in a major way. I was going up on stage for the commissions I was earning and meeting great leaders from all around the world.

Oh and did I mention that this system pays out 100% commissions, which means you keep all of the money earned like it is your very own system and products.

Would you like to become financially FREE within 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months from now?

You can with this system if you apply what we teach you.

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It is possible I am living proof of this. If a minimal educated Fork Lift Truck driver can do this then what is stopping you?

If you wish to learn more about this life changing system then you can here or you can simply carry on what you’ve always done and get the results you’ve always got.

 Join me in the fun here

Have a blessed day

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