Nerium International Review

I want to first explain what made me write this Nerium Internetional review. I was doing my usual keyword research strategies on YouTube as I purely market my business online. (Please note I am not involved with Nerium Internetional)

I typed in a certain keyword and came across what seems to be a leader in Nerium.

There was nothing unusual about the video I think it just stood out to me because of the thumbnail image on the video which enticed me to click on it.

Well it was a guy talking about how to build a successful team with Nerium. He seemed a pretty cool guy and was talking well about his experiences with Nerium and how to network and build a worldwide team.

What got me side tracked was he was telling people to market to your friends and family, then asking people if they know others in different countries to spread the word globally.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting your Nerium business by prospecting your family and friends but most of the time these are not entrepreneurial people like you and I.

And what happens when you run out of people to talk to, then what?

It’s a sad statistic that 97% of new network marketers last 3 months in their first business then they quit.

This is simply because the exhaust their warm list and then find it difficult to walk up to strangers in the street to prospect the Nerium business.

Facts About Nerium Internetional


Nerium is a great looking business by what I can see. Here is a Nerium review I took from Npros website:

Nerium International markets an age-defying skincare line containing extracts of the Nerium oleander plant. The company is based in Addison, Texas.

NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a night cream developed from the company’s patent-pending Nerium oleander extract. According to the company, third-party clinical trials of NeriumAD showed results such as reduced fine lines and wrinkles, reduced hyperpigmentation, and improvement in the look of uneven skin texture and aging or sun-damaged skin.

Enrollment Options

For $99.95, the Brand Partner Launch Kit allows interested individuals to become an Independent Brand Partner for Nerium Interantional and earn commissions, qualify to purchase product at wholesale, and sponsor other Brand Partners. There are also two Success Packs priced at $499.95 and $999.95, which include product and enrollment in an auto-delivery program.

Compensation Plan

Nerium International has a multilevel compensation plan. In order to participate in the compensation plan, Brand Partners must remain active by maintaining a certain level of retail sales or personal auto-delivery. Brand Partners can earn cash bonuses, cars, and vacations.

As you can see from the costs of the packs it isn’t exactly cheap to get started especially if you haven’t a marketing plan in place.

You have to really take charge of your Nerium business by mapping out a marketing strategy.

How To Build A Worldwide Nerium International Team

Do you want to run around asking your aunts and uncles to join your business or do you want to place yourself in front of real prospects that are searching for your opportunity online.

You need to bring your business to the internet to get your products and services in front of highly targeted people.

This is how you really build a worldwide team by having an online marketing system in place that teaches you how to get yourself in front of highly targeted prospects.

This is people that are searching for you so you become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Using a proven online marketing system will allow you to build a team all over the world and have them duplicate exactly what you do.

This is what the top industry leaders are not sharing with you.

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