Network Marketing And MLM Is A Joke

When I started looking online for ways to earn money from home it wasn’t long before I fell upon the industry of network marketing and MLM. The more I dove into this industry the more I thought it was some sort of cult or other mass brain wash society pulling you in, tearing all of your money from your pockets then spitting you back out into reality.

There was a time I thought I would never make an income like these so called leaders and Gurus make. I kept pushing forward and diving deeper into this crazy world of network marketing and MLM because I was seeing leaders making bank and then I would see new people hitting the jackpot and becoming successful.

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Network Marketing And MLM Is A Joke Video


Why do I think network marketing and MLM is a joke?

Because what other industry can take any average Joe off the street and allow them to learn a new skill for life whilst earning an income whilst they learn.

I mean really…?

If I myself can go from working a job I hated to now working full time from home simply by utilizing the internet to grow my network marketing and MLM business then anyone can.

It aint no joke people are making a lot of money by building their business online and changing theirs and their families lives.

I’ve personally seen people go from struggling to earning their first $1 million in 4 years and even less by learning a new skill and implementing what they’ve been taught by using systems and the internet.

Sound crazy?


Sound like a joke?


Well it may sound crazy and it may sound like a joke but it’s as real as the five children I have.

I know and work with a system that has created 15 millionaires over the past 4 years alone. If you Google Frank Kern you will see this dude made $18.3million in less than 24 hours.

The truth is the internet has made more millionaires than any other industry in the world. There are new millionaires being made by this world giant every single day.

Now do you understand why you should be bringing your business to the online arena?

You have access to the whole world at your finger tips. Eric Worre founder of network marketing Pro recently announced there are over 100 million people around the world involved in network marketing and MLM.

A sad statistic is also 97% of network marketers and MLMers are struggling to succeed in their business because they are being taught to build their business by approaching their friends and family.

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This is a big no no in this day and age. Your friends and family are not your target market for the simple fact they are programmed to wake up by an alarm clock, go to a job they most likely hate to go home watch T.V, go to bed to do it all over again the next day and every day after that.

But not you and I. We know there is a better way to create our own economy and that’s by building a network marketing and MLM business on the internet.

Not quite sure how to build a business on the internet?

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