Power To Achieve Review For Andy Harrington

Hey Warriors, over the past weekend I attended Andy Harrington’s Power To Achieve event in London, November 2014. This is kind of a Power To Achieve review. I first come across Andy Harrington and his Power To Achieve event through a good friend of mine Stephen Hales who used to be in the same network marketing company as myself.

Myself and Stephen have been friends for some time now and I’m sure we will be friends for many years to come. Stephen posted a Facebook update promoting Power To Achieve in mid 2014 and the line up of speakers were Les Brown one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and author. I have been listening to Les Brown for some time and find him very inspirational.

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There was also a guy up on stage speaking called Chris Gardner, I have never heard of this man, well at least I thought I didn’t until he started telling his story of how he went from homeless to millionaire. The reason I had heard of Chris was because they had made a Hollywood blockbuster about him called The Pursuit Of Happiness played by Will Smith. I’m sure you have heard or even watched this movie yourself.

It’s amazing how this industry leads you to meeting people you never dreamed of meeting. I live in a small city called Coventry in United Kingdom and I have been involved in network marketing since late 2008 and I remember coming across all of the top earners and recruiters through their online marketing as I was searching for answers on how to best build my business.

I never dreamed of meeting these top earners but have since grown in this industry myself and have had the opportunity several times to travel over to the United States and meet top earners like Mike Dillard, Rob Fore, David Wood, David Sharpe and many more cool people.

What You Get From Power To Achieve Events

The past weekend whilst attending Power To Achieve by Andy Harrington in London I had the honor of meet another top producer in our industry that I have been following for a good while now and I am actually on his mailing list Ryan Deiss.

Myself, Ryan Deiss & Andy Harrington

Myself, Ryan Deiss & Andy Harrington

Ryan is a great guy and has earned $Millions over the years and has mastered the art of traffic, conversions and how to increase engagement with potential prospects to earn as much money as possible in the process.

This is a Power To Achieve review as I want to acknowledge Andy Harrington for his work and commitment for helping others break through. I have personally been involved in personal development since April 2012 as this is when I joined the primary opportunity I am still in today.

I now understand personal development is a major part of a person’s success and growth as a person. If you grow yourself on the inside then your success will grow on the outside and it will be impossible to fail at anything in life. Like Les Brown always says “you have greatness within you” and this is so true.

Power To Achieve Review

There are no secrets to success as success is already within you. It all comes down to your seriousness, commitment and the action that you take which will result in you succeeding or failing in life.

Attending my first even back in April 2012 is what helped me have the breakthrough I was looking for, up until this point I struggled immensely in my business and was failing for about 3 to 4 years. Since leaving that first ever event in Atlanta, Georgia I had the belief in myself to achieve greatness.

In the September of 2012 I walked away from my Fork Lift Driving job and have never looked back. The reason for me writing up this Power To Achieve review is simply to give you hope. Hope that by attending events you will have the breakthrough you are waiting for.

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You will never understand the power of events until you go to them. Now I regularly go to events all over the world because there is no better way to recharge your batteries from normal everyday life and be inspired by powerful people that have what you want, success and greatness.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to any event, I highly recommend you go as it will change your life.

I hope you have enjoyed my “Power To Achieve review”. – See more at: https://roninblogger.com/power-to-achieve-review-for-andy-harrington/

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