The 7 Most Powerful Words Of Persuasion

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Thank you for taking the time to go through my post today. We all get exposed to powerful persuasive words every day. Here are “7 magic Words Of Persuasion” laid out in this post. We listen to these persuasive words but we don’t realize we are being manipulated and gently persuaded to do as the marketer, advertisers or sales person wants us to do.

By learning a few simple, powerful persuasive words and using them in your content or videos will help you get your potential prospects to take action now with you and this will allow you to recruit more effectively because this is how to persuade the mind without them realizing it.

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This is not mind trickery, it is simply helping your prospects take action in something that will help them succeed in the long run.

Imagine recruiting people into your business on auto-pilot from your videos using persuasive words. Now if you please take the time to look over my video as I explain what the seven most powerful words of persuasion.

You can take your time as you go through the videos and write down notes for you to go back to which you think may help you in your marketing.

The 7 Most Powerful Words Of Persuasion Video


I have some free training I put together here for you!

If you notice in the paragraphs above the video I have bolded some of the “7 most powerful words of persuasion”.

Did you notice them?

Below is the seven most powerful words of persuasion video by Kevin Hogan


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 The 7 Most Powerful Words Of Persuasion Laid Out Are

1. Because

2. Now

3. Imagine

4. Please

5. Thank You

6. Saying The Prospects Name

7. Control

You have to get serious about your marketing and you have to take on board what you are being taught here because this will help you sell and recruit more people into your primary business.

I have been learning techniques like this for some time now by reading books, listening to audios and watching videos like Kevin Hogan’s 7 most powerful words of persuasion.

Start becoming the leader you need to be to succeed and become a top recruiter in anything you join.

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I really hope you take action on what you have learned here today.

I am here to learn and serve you the best I can. If you have any comments please leave them below.

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