The Number 1 Home Based Business Killer!


In today’s blog post I am going to dive into to the home based business industry’s number 1 killer.


Or lack of it.

Consistency is one of the main ingredients to your success and the biggest downfall in our industry is lack of this ingredient.

When I joined this industry back in 2008, I was consistent in buying silly little products and software’s to make me rich quick.

Guess what, get rich quick doesn’t exist.

I was consistent in joining a network marketing deal only to be told to prospect my family and friends.
I would do this and deal with rejection and humiliation as they didn’t know or understand what I was working with even after I sent them to my company presentation.

Staying Consistent Will Make You Rich In Your Business


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I scrambled around for 4 years, yes I will repeat that again 4 years being consistent in doing the wrong things to make me successful.

I was consistent jumping from company to company not sticking and committing to one company even though others were succeeding in them companies.

Us as human beings get side tracked and pulled left and right. We create things and make things up to get in our own way to stop us succeeding.

When all along all we have to really do is make things simple and not over complicate simple things. For example I want to lose weight but I am not consistent in going to the gym and working out.

Am I serious about losing weight?

Well I may think I am but I’m not.

My problem with going to the gym is I give it loads for a week or two and then I step back because I wear myself out, weigh myself and little has changed.

I should and will be from now on taking it easy and going every day doing little and often. The way I see it is little and often is better than a lot every now and then.

When people decide to bring their business to the internet they are told to blog daily for example. They blog for a week or two and get little to no results and decide to give up as they think this doesn’t work.

In reality blogging like going to the gym only works if you are consistent with it, not for a week or two but for months, years even for life.

If you ate healthy and attended the gym regularly for life, imagine what your health, body and lifestyle would look like.

The same goes for your business. Imagine blogging, creating videos and marketing consistently daily for the next 90 days. Imagine how your business, lifestyle and bank balance would look after that 90 days.

Now imagine doing this regularly for the rest of your life.

Now imagine what your life would look like!

Don’t Be Consistent Doing The Wrong Things

People are too consistent in doing things that don’t make them successful, like watching TV, going to a job they hate or spending every spare dime on alcohol and partying.

People act like they want success, people act like they want to live their dream lifestyle but you can tell the ones that mean it to the ones that don’t.

I have been in this industry a long time and I have seen people come and go. People join me in my business all excited and ready to make bank and more often than not they don’t last.


Because they lack consistency and sticking power

When they don’t see the results they want quickly they scarper back to their safe little jobs earning their safe little income struggling to take their girlfriend out for a meal or to buy their child that birthday present they want because they lack money.

You have to stay consistent at doing the right things in your business.

What are the right things?

Learning what truly works and duplicating what the leaders do.

I have found using a proven marketing system and learning strategies that work will help you build a successful business online.

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