The Power Of Video Marketing On YouTube

The Power Of Video Marketing

Hey Warrior, in today’s post I am going to dive into the power of video marketing and why it is crucial for your business and your success. Over the past year or so I have realized just how powerful video marketing is. Video marketing is now one of my main marketing strategies.

The biggest mistake I made in the past was shying away from making videos to market and brand myself online. Back in 2011 I come across a marketing system in which I joined. One of the things I was told to do was brand myself in my lead capture page. This form of branding was to make a video and add it to my page.

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Although it was only a short 2 minute video it literally took me 20 to 30 takes and all day before I was happy with the end result. Talking into a video camera was way out of my comfort zone but I knew I had to do it. Since that time I am now comfortable making videos. The main objective in trying new things is to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

The Power Of Video Marketing Explained


Don’t procrastinate with your future. If you want to do something don’t put it off like I did and don’t care in the end result of your video. Your first video will not be perfect but the more you do it the better you will get at it.

My biggest fear with cutting video was what would my family and friends think about what I am doing, then I realized their opinions of me didn’t pay my bills. I couldn’t care 2 shoots what people think of me, everything I do is for my wife Suzi and my children. They are all that matter to me.

The Power Of Video Marketing

Get your head around making video because they will change your business and your future. Video marketing allows people to get to know, like and trust you without you having to be there.

Now I live in the UK and I have been to company events over in the United States several times and it amazes me how many people I bump into that approach me like I am already there friend, like they already know me. This is the power of video because they see me on my videos and they relate to who I am and what I do.

Video is powerful and when used correctly you will reach a worldwide audience that hunt you down and are looking for what you have to offer. YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in the world, this means YouTube is the 3rd most trafficked website in the world and by getting your videos ranked to page one in YouTube is very powerful and will transform your business.

Not only this but your videos will start showing up for related keywords, in Google search, Google videos, related YouTube videos, At the end of YouTube videos, on other peoples social media sites and on marketers blogs and websites.

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Your videos will literally show up all over the interment. This is powerful and the sooner you start marketing on YouTube the quicker you will start seeing massive results in your business.

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