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Hey Warrior, There is a science to success and there is a formula to it and if you want this formula you have to go out and find people that are already achieving and having the results that you want in that area you want to succeed in.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel you simply have to follow the path that successful people have paved the way before you.

The truth of the matter is we all create our own reality by what we do on a daily basis. You are where you are at today by your best thinking.

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The Science Of Success Video

If you are aiming for success on a grand scale then there are a few things you have to change in order to achieve great results. The first change is to condition your subconscious mind by repetitious programming.

I will go into this here.

Your mind is most vulnerable in the first 20 minutes of waking up in the morning this is when your mind is most impressionable so it’s very important to start that first 20 minutes with intent.

This is where you take control of how you want the rest of your life to be by programming your subconscious mind every morning. You need to start this daily ritual by instantly thinking what you are most grateful for. Always start your day with gratitude.

Program your subconscious mind to have thought beliefs that will attribute to the quality of life you want. Whether it’s the success you want for you or for others.

You should start with incantations like positive affirmations, always condition your mind with positive thoughts like…

I am intelligent

I am more than enough

I am more than worthy of love

I am confident

I am brave


You can reprogram your mind to deal with negative thoughts by feeding your mind with positive affirmations with the belief that I am to knock away any fears and doubts that you may feel you are not enough or you are not worthy of love. Recondition your mind to avoid pain.

Goal Setting Is More Powerful Than You Realize

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Another great way to guarantee your success is by setting goals. Have a clear defined target to hit, if you are not working towards anything then you will never really get what you really want with your business, life or relationships or whatever you want success in.

Take a physical act by writing down your goals this will instantly impress your goals into your subconscious mind and your reticular activation system, this is your brain mechanism that will figure out what it needs to focus on based on what you have programmed it on to be important to you.

This program mentality always allows you to achieve your goals and never miss opportunities.

For example let’s say you are looking to buy a new car you will notice you will start seeing the exact same model car everywhere. Your peripheral vision allows you to see it everywhere from the corner of your eye even when it is not in your peripheral vision your brain will pick it up.

If anything attributes to your success then your brain will pick it up so be sure to write down your goals so you have clear direction and a clear destination.

People’s biggest fear is not being good enough or not being worthy of love and unfortunately there is failure when it comes to success. It’s how you treat these failures that will control your path to success. Don’t let small failures hold you back from your success.

Program your brain to always achieve success, program it over and over and over until you smack the negative down.

After you finish your affirmation list end it with something powerful like “today is going to be an extraordinary day an amazing day because I will make it so”. You control your day, your thoughts and your emotions at any given time of the day. YOU control it.

To increase your success you have to educate yourself to become a better version of yourself for instance if you wanted to become a better cook you would take up cooking lessons, if you want to learn how to drive you go to a driving instructor to learn.

If you want to become more successful in life you have to learn from people that are already successful in the field you want to be successful in.

Make sense?

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