Why Build An Email List & The Advantages

We have all heard before that the money is in the list right?

This is why we should be taking advantage of building a targeted email subscriber base. For example if you are promoting an acne product you need to be building a list of subscribers that have acne problems this way you can promote other or similar products related to this niche.

This allows you to always have an audience to market to at a push of a button by sending out an email or a sequence of emails automatically with your autoresponder.

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I myself am in the home based business or make money from home niche so I target both solution seekers and opportunity seekers.

The solution seekers are people that are already involved in a home based business but they are struggling to succeed in their business and are looking for a solution to their problems i.e. generating traffic, leads and creating sales in their business.

Why Build An Email List


Opportunity seekers are people that are looking for an opportunity to work with whether it be multi level marketing, direct sales or affiliate marketing.

What to do with your new subscribers

The money is in the list as long as you build a responsive list. Some people build a list and promote product after product just bombarding their list with deal after deal. This is a bad way to build a list.

You have to build rapport and trust with your list to make it a responsive list. You do this by giving value with expecting nothing in return.

You build a relationship with your list, now I don’t mean you have to marry them I simply mean you make it so they look out for your emails and they expect value from you.

This way you build authority and establish a great connection with your list.

When you send out an email or a sequence of emails, talk to just one person to weed out the people that do not relate to you.

If you market to everyone you market to no one.

In the home based business niche you have to market to what we call your Avatar. Your Avatar is your ideal person that you are targeting, a person that you want to work with. I will create a post in the future about your ideal Avatar.

When nurtured properly your list will become your main income source as new people come on to your list daily. This is where the marketing begins, this is where the relationship develops.

Instead of sending people directly to a video presentation or directly to a product to purchase first give them something for free.

For example if you are promoting and acne product you could give them something like grab this free report “5 top tips to help keep your face acne free” in return for their email address.

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This is how we build a list of highly targeted subscribers so we can market to these subscribers over and over again.

This is the advantages of building a list and this is why you should be building a list because if you don’t you will eventually run your business in to the ground.

And you don’t want that! – See more at: https://web.archive.org/web/20160429044220/http://roninblogger.com/why-build-an-email-list-the-advantages/#sthash.zWKyrfDA.dpuf

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