Why Use A Marketing System To Build Your Network Marketing Business

It’s a well known fact that the internet is taking over the way traditional network marketers are building their business. More and more marketers are turning to the internet to search for better and faster ways to build their business.

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When I first joined the world of network marketing back in 2008, my sponsor was in New Zealand, I live in the UK. I actually come across the world of network marketing on the internet. I had never even heard or knew anything about this industry until 2008.

I should have realised back then that the internet was the way to grow my business after all this is where I found my sponsor, but my sponsor was actually telling me to go out and put my business to my friends and family, to prospect to strangers in the street. I was placing flyers on car window screen in car parks in my town center.

My Results Were Shocking

My results were shocking, my friends and family would say what is this you are showing me. I was actually sending them to an online company sales presentation which was basically on a replicated company website that you get when you join.

Why Use A Marketing System Video Explanation


I lasted for about 3 months in that company and gave up on my dreams, but only for a while as I always found myself looking and searching for a way to get out of the Fork Lift driving job I hated so much. I joined my second network marketing business that again I found online.

You would have thought I learned then that online is where you need to build your business. Lol talk about being slow, I was searching online for ways to better my life but didn’t think back then I should be learning how to build my business online.

Anyways, I was again being told to do exactly the same thing. Prospect to my friends and family etc…
Fast forward to 2012 where I came across some mentors and a system that shown me a different, better way to build my business. They taught me how to bring my business to the internet and market to the masses.

They taught me to get myself in front of highly targeted prospects that are already involved in this industry but are struggling. By having a system put together by network marketers for network marketers to help automate your business whilst teaching you how to reach a bigger targeted audience is what will propel your business to the next level.

There are literally millions of marketers all around the world and unfortunately around 97% and higher are actually struggling and failing to get their business off the ground, simply because they are running out of people to talk to.

What is taught in the marketing platform/system?

You will learn how to best market your business to the right audience, a hungry audience that want what you have. It is now good marketing your dog business to cat lovers. This is what people do, they market to the wrong people.

We teach you how to market to the right people.

Targeting People With Npros.com

We teach you to automate your business so when you go to bed at night or when you are on vacation or doing whatever, your business is still running for you in when you close your computer down.

The marketing process

Firstly you should always market you as the face of your business and not your actual business. No one cares how purple your juice is or how many anti oxidants it has. People join people they know, like and trust.

Secondly you need an attractive offer that will help your prospect build their business faster. It’s all about duplicating what works. Systems work its people that fail. By using a proven system that will allow you to plug your members into to help you free up your time to market your own business.

Thirdly people join people they know, like and trust. This means if you are someone that can help your prospects get their business to the next level then they are going to join you.

If they do not join you in your business then you earn money from them by plugging them into a system that will help them build their business online. This money will help you with your marketing budget and this allows you to scale up your business whilst earning money from people that do not join you in your primary business.
Appose to marketing your opportunity on the front end, the prospect getting no value from your business and not liking your products or service and going away and you never seeing them again.

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This is the marketing process and this is a proven formula. I didn’t just make this up, this is something I learned from my 7 figure mentors and this marketing system which I personally recommend.

If you want to learn how to build your business and recruit people from all over the world then click here.
This system teaches you how to become a leader in this industry, market to the masses, recruit people on demand and build a strong rapport with your prospects all whist having a life.

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